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1st Grade Writing Worksheets

Writing Worksheets
Free 1st Grade Writing Worksheets:
Writing Worksheets Practice Workbook

First Grade Writing Worksheets

What do first graders need to learn about writing? And how can parents and teachers provide necessary practice for their kids? These worksheets are the answer! As they go through the engaging exercises, writing prompts, and puzzles in these no-prep, printable PDF worksheets, your child will learn to write longer, more detailed sentences, improve their written vocabulary, and practice fine-motor skills.

Stories, Pictures, and Puzzles Make Learning Fun

Kids love stories! They also love to draw. These writing worksheets make learning an adventure because they give your students a chance to get creative and use their imagination while completing the exercises.

Some examples of the exercises included in our workbooks are:

-Read the clues, figure out the puzzle, and fill in the blank with a word that rhymes. Then, draw your answer!

-You wake up and find an extra door in your bedroom. A friendly dinosaur invites you to walk through the door. Now, answer questions about what you say to the dinosaur and where he takes you in his prehistoric world. He gives you a snack. What do you eat?

-Describe your adventure with a genie who can take you for a ride on his magic carpet anywhere you want- you can even travel through time! Draw a picture of something you see on your adventure.

-Uncover the story: What is going on in this picture? Write as many ideas as you can fit in the box. Next, add details to your two best ideas. (Brainstorming!)

The worksheets also include math problems, word puzzles, writing prompts, and sentence writing practice that invites kids to draw pictures to illustrate their stories. Learning has never been so much fun!

Writing can be a tough skill for some students, so the more practice they can get, the better- especially at a young age. Your child will learn to write effectively and acquire important literary skills as they complete the fun exercises on these worksheets.