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George Washington   

1     Have you ever been disappointed or frustrated? Have you ever felt ambition, or grief? If you have, you have something in common with George Washington.
2     Though he was born into a wealthy family in 1732, young George did not look forward to being a rich man. His mother was his father's second wife, and George was the third son. His oldest half brother Lawrence would inherit everything. Even George's formal schooling was not considered important. When he became President, he had the worst education of any President since. When he was sixteen, he was taught to be a surveyor. Surveying is a method of measuring land in order to establish boundaries and property lines, as well as measuring the height of mountains.
3     You might think that George would envy his oldest brother, but he didn't. He admired him and wanted to be like him. Lawrence was Adjutant General of Virginia, and his younger brother became a soldier because of his example. When Lawrence died in 1752, George was grief stricken.

Paragraphs 4 to 9:
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