Sample Lincoln (Part 2) Worksheet
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Lincoln (Part 2)   

1     Abraham Lincoln lived during an exciting time of growth and change in the United States. Changes were happening in Illinois, too. Lincoln earned his law license and settled in Springfield, which soon became the state capital.
2     After working on the farm for so many years, Lincoln was certain he didn't want to go back to that, but he still wanted to help people. He found that he liked being a politician, because he could help a lot more people than he could as a farmer.
3     It was about this time that Lincoln married a lady named Mary Todd. She was from an important family in Kentucky that had political connections, but more important than that, they cared for each other. In 1847, Lincoln was elected to congress for his first and only term, and they moved to Washington. After serving that term, they moved back to Illinois where Lincoln concentrated on practicing law.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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