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A Haunting Moment
By Colleen Messina

1     "No. I do not want blue hair," said Tom with a grimace. He was sitting in a turquoise beanbag chair in an azure room, but he did not want his hair to match the décor.
2     "Blue is the best color!" said Terry. Every facet of his room, including the navy blue carpet, reflected how much he believed that. Apparently, he thought a blue-haired vampire was practicable for Freak Day at school. Everyone, even teachers, dressed in wild outfits for Freak Day.
3     "I'll show you what shade of blue I mean. Cassie is a slob and leaves her stuff all over our bathroom. It looks like a cosmetic factory had to liquidate in there! I think she has some blue hair dye somewhere," said Terry. He got up and walked out of his room and Tom, like usual, followed him.
4     Tom and Terry were inseparable, but Terry was the leader of the two. They were not biological brothers, but they shared everything from sophomore classes to CDs. Terry was tall and dark haired. He was not handsome in the usual sense, but his self-assurance made him stand out in a crowd. Tom was blond, quiet, and thoughtful. Another thing the friends shared, but not happily, was a crush on Bea U. Tee. Bea was an effervescent cheerleader and seemed to enchant both boys. Terry always knew just what to say when he saw her, but Tom just stood there, silently blushing.
5     Tom and Terry went down the hall to the bathroom that Terry shared with his sister. Cassandra had a substantial makeup collection. Bottles of hair color littered the shelves next to sweet-smelling tubes of fruit flavored lipsticks. Dark eyeliner pencils with perfectly sharpened tips stuck out of a plastic cup like smoky rockets ready to launch. Fragrant bath oil beads in crystal goblets sparkled on the window ledge, sending orbs of rainbow light across the white walls. Cassie kept chunky, brown hair barrettes that looked like pieces of lumber and metallic, corrugated headbands in a basket on a shelf. Slender bottles of homogenous nail polish stood in front of the mirror making double images like showgirls in a line. Cassandra placed great emphasis on her appearance, but her bathroom was a mess.
6     "I detest the way this stuff smells! It's easy for you to say blue is better because you have dark hair. I am a novice at hair coloring. What if something goes terribly wrong?" Tom said. He reluctantly agreed to Terry's plan, as usual, but he was still concerned that blue dye might turn his hair a sickly shade of Herman Munster green.
7     Terry picked up a tube from the bathroom counter. He squeezed a small sphere of blue goop out of the tube. It looked like a lush, succulent blueberry.
8     "This color is perfect-you can get a tube like this at the drugstore. We have teeth and capes to finish the Scream Team look," said Terry, convinced that they were fully equipped for Freak Day. Terry had a latent interest in drama, so Freak Day was his idea of fun. Tom, on the other had, was not so sure. Freak Day to him seemed, well, freaky. Daring things upset his equilibrium.
9     Tom stopped by the drugstore on the way home. He thought it would be a simple thing to pick up a tube of hair stuff, but when he got there, he realized he should have paid more attention to the name of the product. He wandered past stationery, lipstick, and pills.

Paragraphs 10 to 23:
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