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Grandparents Day
Grandpa's Sailboat

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day

Grandpa's Sailboat
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 2
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.61

     challenging words:    chipped, controller, holds, minutes, vice, working, always, also, another, back, bench, block, boat, cookie, cool, even
     content words:    Finally Grandpa

Other Languages
     Spanish: El velero del abuelo

Grandpa's Sailboat
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Ian loved Grandma. She always had treats for him. He loved Grandpa, too. They had fun.
2     Ian went to their house after school every day. Grandma gave him something to eat. Grandpa had fun things for them to do.
3     Grandpa loved boats. Once he had sailed boats. Now he could not. Ian knew it sometimes made him sad.
4     One day Grandpa had a new project. Ian wondered what it was.
5     "Just wait and see," was all Grandpa would say.
6     Grandpa had a block of wood. He cut some off with his saw. Then he put it in a metal holder. He turned the handle to make it hold tight.
7     "What is that, Grandpa?" asked Ian as he chewed a cookie.
8     "That is a vice," said Grandpa. "It holds things still. It makes carving easier."
9     Grandpa got out a draw knife. He pulled it over the block. Shavings flaked off the wood.
10     "That looks kind of like a boat," said Ian.
11     "You are right," said Grandpa. "I am making a model sailboat. This one will hang on a wall. I have something else you might like."
12     Under the work bench was a box. Grandpa pulled it out. He put it on the bench. There was a picture on the side. It was a sailboat.

Paragraphs 13 to 33:
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Grandparents Day
             Grandparents Day

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