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Mike's Phonecakes

Mike's Phonecakes
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   high interest, readability grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.5

     challenging words:    batter, cards, ding, dishwasher, dryer, eggs, freezer, heavenly, microwave, mixer, okay, picked, recipe, timer, toaster, working
     content words:    Miss Dean, Thursday Dale

Mike's Phonecakes

1     "Class, I have an interesting homework assignment for you," Miss Dean said. "We have been learning how to measure liquids and solids. As homework, you are going to write a recipe. They will be your own. We will try them at the party next week." She handed each child two blank cards.
2     "Think about what kind of food you would like to make," she said. "Then think about one dish. Write down the things you will need to make it." Miss Dean wrote "Ingredients" on the board.
3     "Next, think of the steps in making the dish. Write them down in order." She wrote "Instructions" on the board.
4     "Finally," she said, "you will follow your recipe to make your dish for the party next week."
5     Dale was excited. He loved to cook. He thought about party food. He would make the best party food ever!
6     When Dale got home that afternoon, he told his mother about the party. He told her about the recipes. He told her the recipe he wanted to make.
7     "Do you need any help?" she asked.
8     "No, I can do it myself," he said. "Will you get the ingredients for me?"
9     "I would be glad to do that," his mother said. "I will have them for you on Thursday. When you get home, you can start your cupcakes."
10     Next Thursday Dale hurried home from school. He was ready to make his recipe. He went in the kitchen and washed his hands. He got all the ingredients together. He put them on the counter by the microwave.
11     "Okay, now let's see," he said. "First I have to break two eggs in a bowl. That should be easy." He got out a bowl and picked up the eggs.
12     The phone rang. Dale put down the eggs and answered the phone.
13     "Hello?"
14     "Hey, Dale. This is Mike. Have you started your recipe yet?"

Paragraphs 15 to 55:
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