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Welcome to Davis

Welcome to Davis
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.66

     challenging words:    carrier, cheeseburger, dinnertime, family-Mr, fries, fuller, hairdresser, librarian, likes, minutes, pizza, rings, server, slaw, sounds, strips
     content words:    Community Night, I'm Abby, When Abby

Welcome to Davis

1     It was warm and sunny in Davis the day the Walker family moved into their new house. There were four people in the family-Mr. and Mrs. Walker, Daniel, and Kathy. Daniel was seven and Kathy was thirteen.
2     They worked hard all day. They took boxes off the moving truck. They carried the boxes in the house. Mrs. Walker unpacked the boxes. Kathy and Daniel helped her put things away. Mr. Walker helped the movers. They had sandwiches for lunch. By dinnertime, they were all hot, tired, and most of all, hungry!
3     "I saw a restaurant just around the corner," Mr. Walker said. "Let's go see what they have to eat."
4     Mrs. Walker was happy. She was too tired to cook. Besides, they didn't have any food in the house yet.
5     Everyone cleaned up and walked to the restaurant. There were tables inside and outside. A musician was playing a guitar outside.
6     "Welcome to Michael's," the host said. "Would you like to sit inside or outside?"
7     "Outside, outside!" Daniel and Kathy said at the same time.
8     "Right this way, then. Have you ever been to Michael's before?"
9     "No, we just moved into a house around the corner today," Mrs. Walker said.
10     "Well, you came on Community Night," the host said. "My name is Tim, and your server will be Abby. She will explain Community Night to you."

Paragraphs 11 to 31:
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