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The New House

The New House
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.59

     challenging words:    leading, meals, okay, railing, refrigerator, house, across, already, another, back, bathroom, bedroom, careful, carpet, check, city

The New House

1     Sally and Ben are moving to a new house. Their new house is in the country. They are moving from their home in the city. They are moving because their father has a new job.
2     "Our new house is much bigger," their father told them. "We will live in the country where there isn't much traffic. We can have animals too."
3     "But what is the new house like?" Sally asked.
4     "And what about my room?" asked Ben. "I don't know if I will like it."
5     "You will just have to wait to see the house. We should be there in an hour," he replied.
6     Sally saw the new house first. "There it is, there it is," she told Ben.
7     "That is our new house?" Ben asks.
8     "Yes, that's the house that will be our new home," their father said.
9     Sally was very worried. Ben was excited. Their mother and father were very happy.
10     "Be careful when you get out of the car," their mother said. "And wait for us to get out, too."
11     Sally was the first up the steps to the porch. The porch was wide. It had a nice white railing. "This is a good place to play with my toys", she said.
12     Ben opened the front door. He opened it very slowly. "Wow! This is nice," he said as he ran into the living room. Ben fell on the carpet and rolled around.
13     Sally ran through the living room into the dining room. "Mom and I can serve meals in here," she told her father.
14     "And you can serve meals to company, too," he said.

Paragraphs 15 to 36:
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