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Excretory System
The Kidneys

Excretory System
Excretory System

The Kidneys
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   2.64

     challenging words:    absolutely, artery, bladder, high-powered, hips, jobs, microscope, nephrons, renal, ribs, ureter, urethra, urine, know, able, amount

The Kidneys
By Kathleen W. Redman

1     Did you know that your kidneys are as important as your heart? That is absolutely true. You cannot live without them. Most people have two kidneys. They are about five inches long and look a lot like kidney beans.
2     To find where your kidneys are, put your hands on your hips. Slide your hands up until you feel your ribs. Now put your thumbs on your back. That's where your kidneys are. You won't be able to feel them, but they are right there.
3     Kidneys have lots of jobs. Their main job is to take the waste out of your blood. The waste comes from chemical reactions. Waste is just stuff your body doesn't need. The waste has to go somewhere. That's when we need our kidneys!

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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Excretory System
             Excretory System

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