Andres Is Kidnapped in Colombia

People in America are free. It is easy to take freedom for granted. Other people have less freedom. One crime steals a person's freedom. This crime is kidnapping. Kidnapping is when someone is taken against his or her will.

A person was kidnapped every three hours in Colombia in 2000. One large rebel army does many kidnappings. It is called the FARC. They want money from the families. The money is called a ransom. When they get the money, they let the person go. Kidnapping is hard on everyone. They are sad. They miss each other.

Even children are taken. One boy named Andres was taken from his home. He was three years old. The kidnappers wanted 4 million dollars. The family did not have the money. They were so worried. Later, the kidnappers stopped talking to them. His family was very happy later, though. The kidnappers released Andres in November 2001.

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