Chocolate People

International Chocolate Day

Reading Comprehension for September 13

Mary could hardly wait.

She had on her best dress. It was blue and white.

She had on her best shoes. They were white.

She had on her best socks. They were blue with white flowers on them.

She had blue ribbons on her long, pink ears.

It was almost time for the People Day parade! Everyone was excited. This was the very first People Day parade ever!

People Day was very special in Mary's town. Everyone loved it.

There were games in the park.

Many animals had picnics. Some of the animals roasted pecans and peanuts. Everyone shared.

A band played music in the park. Mary and her father and mother liked the music. They would take a blanket to sit on. The music would be beautiful.

This year there would be a parade. There would be rabbits playing drums, frogs playing flutes, and elephants with trumpets. There would be flags, balloons, and monkeys dressed like clowns. It would be a great parade.

All the animals loved People Day. It was a day to thank the people for giving them food or for taking care of them.

And the best part of People Day was the chocolate covered people! Well, of course, they were not real people. They were little dolls made from sugar candy. Then they were dipped in chocolate. Mmmmm! They were so good!

One of the clowns walked up to Mary. He gave her a chocolate-covered doll. Mary put it in her mouth. It melted in her mouth. It was the best chocolate-covered doll she had ever had!

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