Elephant Day

Reading Comprehension for September 22

Rau had been born on June 1. Now he was a big boy, almost one month old. Rau had grown very fast. He was almost as big as his father. Well, maybe not quite as big as his father.

Rau knew many things, too.

He knew how to curl his trunk just so. He could pick up his food and put it in his mouth.

He knew how to spray water on himself to take a bath.

He knew how to spray water on his father, too. He only did that one time. His father was not happy being all wet.

He knew how to pick up a peanut with his trunk.

He knew how to run without falling.

Rau was very smart. At least, Rau thought he was very smart.

One night Rau went for a walk with his father. His father told him many things. Rau did not listen. He was busy thinking about how smart he was.

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