Robbie's Paws

Robbie Raccoon liked to play in the dirt. He liked to make roads for his trucks. He liked to build houses. He liked to build whole cities! There was a problem, though.

Robbie didn't like to wash his paws!

That might not sound like a big problem to you. Maybe you don't like to wash your hands. Maybe you don't mind having a little bit of dirt in your food. Robbie didn't mind having a little bit of dirt in his eggs or his soup or his ice cream. Robbie didn't think it would hurt him.

But Robbie was wrong. Dirty paws (and hands) can hurt you. His mother told him. His father told him. His grandmother told him. His grandfather told him. His aunt and uncle and all his cousins told him. "Wash your paws, Robbie. They are dirty."

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