Susie's Sixth Birthday

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Day

Reading Comprehension for November 28

Susie ran to the window. She could see the snow falling all around her house. The snowflakes were sparkly and white. Everything looked so beautiful!

Susie's mother was in the kitchen. She was baking a cake. It was the kind Susie liked best. It was a lemon cake. Susie could smell it baking. It would be so good!

Susie's father was in his bedroom. Susie could hear the paper rattle. She could hear the scissors cut it. She knew he was wrapping her gifts. She wished she could see them!

Susie could hear footsteps. It sounded like her grandpa and grandma. They were walking up the steps. Oh, there was the doorbell! Susie ran to open the door.

"Hi, Grandma and Grandpa!" Susie said.

"Oh, my, Susie!" Grandma said. "How pretty you are! And what a pretty red dress!"

Grandma gave Susie two red boxes. They had gold bows on them.

"Thank you, Grandma," Susie said. She put the boxes on the table.

"And how is my little angel?" Grandpa asked.

"Oh, Grandpa," Susie said. "You know I am not an angel!"

"You are my angel," Grandpa said.

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