Talking Hands

"My best friend's name is Laine," Laura said. "She is so much like me. Sometimes people think we are sisters.

"We have been friends ever since we started school. We were both in the same class. We sat right next to each other."

Laura was telling her class about her best friend. It was Best Friends Week at her school. Some of the students drew pictures of their best friends. Some of them wrote about their best friends. Others talked to their class about their best friends.

"Since first grade, we have not been in the same class," Laura continued. "Laine is in Mr. Andrews's class this year.

"Our hair is the same color. Our eyes are the same color. We like the same kind of clothes. We like the same food. We like the same television shows. We like the same movies.

"Yesterday Laine and I even wore the same color bands in our hair! Maybe we should be sisters!

"Tomorrow is Laine's birthday. I am going to her birthday party. It was not hard to find a gift for her. I just bought something I would like. I know she will like it, too. We like all the same things."

Laura looked at the class. "Are there any questions? Is there anything else you want to know about Laine?"

"Why would we have any questions?" Dan asked. "If we want to know about Laine, all we have to do is look at you!"

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