That Makes Cents!

Nikki and Ethan wanted to buy a copy of Sports Underground. It was the newest sports magazine in the store. They were excited about it. Nikki loved volleyball. Ethan was a big football fan.

They called the store. The manager told them that the magazine cost $4.99. That was a problem for Nikki and Ethan. Nikki only had $3.74. Ethan only had $3.95. Neither one of them had enough money to buy the magazine.

"Let's see what we have altogether," Ethan said. "Maybe we have enough to buy one magazine. We could share it."

"That makes sense," Nikki said. "Let's do it."

Very carefully Nikki and Ethan laid out their money on the table. Nikki had two one-dollar bills, two half-dollars, two quarters, two dimes, and four pennies. Ethan had three one-dollar bills, one half-dollar, four dimes, and one nickel.

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