The Best Dog in the World

National Dog Week

Reading Comprehension for September 25

Ginger was sad. She was hungry. She was wet and dirty. She had been lost for five days.

On Monday her owner had taken her for a ride. They went far from home. He put her out by the side of a road. Ginger was afraid. There were many fast cars on the road.

She ran into the woods. She tried to find her home. She ran and ran, but she could not find her home. She was lost and tired.

Ginger curled up under a tree trunk.

"I am a bad dog," she thought sadly.

"Nobody wants me," she cried.

"I must be very ugly," she whimpered.

"I am the worst dog in the world," she sighed.

Finally she was too tired to keep her eyes open. She went to sleep under the tree.

On Tuesday Ginger started getting hungry. She could not find any food. That night her tummy growled. It was hard to go to sleep.

On Wednesday Ginger found an old sandwich. It filled her tummy, but it made her feel sick. That night she had bad dreams.

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