The Great Chocolate Cake Compromise

Scott and Eric stared at the magnificent spectacle on the kitchen table. The last chunk of chocolate cake looked like a delicious iceberg on the sea of a blue glass plate. Its shiny frosting looked like a chocolate glacier.

"I want a piece," said Scott.

"Me, too," said Eric.

The sandy-haired brothers usually got along, but sometimes, snack time was hard. Ms. Fair agreed that they could have cake.

"I'll cut the cake for us," said Scott. He was seven years old. He liked to cut cake and eat it!

"But what if you get the biggest piece?" whined Eric. Eric was only four years old. He knew how sneaky his brother could be about getting the biggest piece of anything, whether it was Mom's attention or a piece of dessert.

Eric grabbed the butter knife from Scott. Scott gasped and began to grab at his younger brother. Ms. Fair knew she had to stop them before World War III broke out in her kitchen. She had a plan!

"Stop that, boys!" Ms. Fair said. "You have learned to share dump trucks and Legos. Now, I have a new challenge for you. Are you ready for the chocolate cake compromise?"

"What is a chocolate cake compromise?" asked Scott.

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