The Watermelon Thump

Watermelon Thump Week

Reading Comprehension for June 26


My name is Walter. I am a watermelon.

Yes, I know. You think watermelons cannot talk. Watermelons can talk. You just do not listen.

I live in Luling, Texas. I grew up in this watermelon patch. I am one of 47 watermelons in the patch.

Mr. Ellis took good care of us. He gave us water. He pulled out the weeds. He made the bugs go away. We all grew fast.

I grew the fastest. Now I am the biggest watermelon in the patch. I weigh 78 pounds and 12 ounces. That is very big for a watermelon!

Mr. Ellis is going to take me to the Watermelon Thump. He thinks that I will be the biggest watermelon there. I could be the king watermelon! That part sounds good.

I am worried about one thing. What is a thump? I do not know. I do not like how that word sounds. It sounds like it might hurt. Do you know what a thump is?

Ouch! That hurt!

Mr. Ellis just pulled me off my vine. I guess we are going to the Thump today. I hope I win the prize.

Oh, oh, oh! This road is bumpy. I am in the back of the truck. Mr. Ellis put straw around me. It is not helping much. I think I have bruises all over me.

Hmmm. The truck stopped. We are here. This is a nice place. There is music. There are a lot of lights. There are many happy people.

Mr. Ellis put me on a cart. He is talking to some other men. I will just look around some.

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