Zoe's Colors

Zoe took a pad of paper. She put it on her easel. She got a glass jar. She added water to it. She put it on the table by the easel.

Next, she got out the brushes. Zoe had five of them.

One brush was small. It was good for painting tiny things. One brush was wide. It was good for painting big areas.

The other brushes were in between sizes. They helped Zoe paint many things.

Last of all came the paints. She had just five colors. They were blue, yellow, red, black, and white.

Zoe was not happy. She wanted to get green, purple, and orange, too. She needed them to make really good pictures.

Mom just shook her head. She said, "You already have them. You just cannot see them yet."

That was silly, thought Zoe. How can you have colors and not see them?

She began to paint. First she painted a blue sky. A yellow sun was next. Wait! The sun was turning green!

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