The worksheet contains several exercises that guide the students to recognize how a division problem can be effortlessly transformed into a multiplication equation. This not only nurtures flexibility in mathematical reasoning but also offers a valuable method for problem-solving in diverse mathematical situations.

Practicing division and then filling in a missing factor of a multiplication problem helps kids in two main ways. First, it reinforces the concept of inverse operations - the idea that division and multiplication are opposite operations. For example, if 15 divided by 3 equals 5, then 3 times 5 equals 15. Understanding this relationship deepens a child's conceptual knowledge of these operations.

Secondly, this method enhances problem-solving skills. Children learn to solve problems differently, applying their knowledge of one operation (division) to solve another type of problem (missing factor in multiplication). This flexibility in thinking is an essential skill in mathematics, as it helps children see connections between different concepts, enabling them to use an integrated approach to solving problems rather than viewing each problem as isolated and separate.