Let's go on a search adventure! On page 1, your mission is to find and circle two things: square and frogs. Can you spot them all? Then, hurry to the riverbank and count the fish. Draw lines to connect them. Oh no, pesky mosquitoes! There are 8 of them in four types. See if you can pair them up. Turn to page 2 for some fun number puzzles. Read the clues and give your best shot! Page 3 brings you to a sled dog race from Nome to Anchorage. The musher (driver) needs your help on three tasks. First, connect the letter "I" to map out the race route. Second, find and color the dog with the letter "I." Third, circle the group with exactly three items. On page 4, it's time to put your numbers from smallest to largest. Can you do it? Let's also have fun practicing tracing and counting.