This workbook on place value and numbers through 10,000 features practice so kids can master numbers before moving on to other math operations. Students should be capable of reading and writing numbers up to 10,000 in numerical, word, and expanded forms. The worksheet pages will help reinforce these skills: Understand the numbers - This section introduces numbers and explains the numbering system and the concept of place values up to 10,000. It includes charts, diagrams, and fun facts for better understanding. Reading and Writing Numbers - This section helps kids practice reading and writing numbers up to 10,000. It contains various activities and exercises like filling in the blanks, connecting dots, matching the correct pair, etc. Comparing and Ordering Numbers - This section introduces students to comparing larger numbers and arranging them in ascending and descending order. It includes fun activities like number puzzles and games. This comprehensive workbook will help third-grade students improve their understanding and familiarity with numbers up to 10,000.