It's a prehistoric Taco Tuesday. This grammar worksheet is centered around singular, plural, and irregular plural nouns, presented with a fun prehistoric twist. It begins with definitions of these types of nouns and provides examples for each. This worksheet involves thirteen text bubbles where students have to identify whether the noun in bold is singular, plural, or irregular.

Nouns are words that name people, places, things, or ideas. They can exist in a single form (singular) or refer to more than one (plural). For example, 'cat' is a singular noun, while 'cats' is the plural. However, not all nouns follow this simple 'add an s' rule to become plural. Some nouns change the form or stay the same in the plural, and we call these irregular plural nouns. 'Child' becomes 'children,' and 'sheep' stays as 'sheep' whether there's one or many. Teaching this involves practices and examples.