Michael Scott

Michael Scott
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Michael Scott
By Jamie Kee

1     Michael Scott, born in Dublin, is one of Ireland's most successful writers. He has written novels, short stories, movie and television scripts, documentaries, plays, games, and articles. His works, written in various genres, are for adults, young adults, and children. Scott is knowledgeable in Celtic folklore and has used this knowledge in his writings. Scott's books have extended beyond Ireland and into over thirty-seven countries. You can find his books in a number of languages such as Bulgarian, Chinese, French, Italian, Swedish, and Catalan. Scott has clearly shared his talents worldwide.
2     Scott started writing in 1982. Irish Folk and Fairy Tales (Volume One), published in 1983, was his first book for adults. He has published an additional two volumes of Irish Folk and Fairy Tales in UK and U.S.A. editions. Song of the Children of Lir (1983) was his first children's book. Since the publication of these books, he has written more than one-hundred books in less than a thirty year time span.
3     Besides his three volumes of Irish Folk and Fairy Tales, Scott has also written other adult folktales such as Irish Ghosts and Hauntings (1994), Irish Myths and Legends (1992), and The River Gods (1991). The River Gods includes twelve tales of the gods, men, and creatures that live in and upon the Irish rivers. Scott includes Irish history throughout the stories. Scott has also written numerous adult fantasy books including A Celtic Odyssey (1985), Silverhand (1995), and The Merchant Prince (2000).
4     Adult horror books are just another of Scott's numerous genres. Some of his books are Imp (1993), Reflection (1992), and The Hallows (1995), a book about Dyrnwyn, the Sword of Rhydderch. Scott has also written adult short stories which have been included in anthologies like Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear (1996). In addition, Scott has written general interest books such as Ireland: A Graphic History (1995) and The Quiz Master (2004), about Spider, a pub-quiz expert, who enters a television quiz show only to discover that he is up against "the quiz master."
5     Besides his numerous books for adult readers, Scott has also focused on the young adult readers. His series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, has been published in over thirty countries. Although some are still in the planning stages, the series includes six books: The Alchemyst (2007), The Magician (2008), The Sorceress (2009), The Necromancer (2010), The Warlock (2011), and The Enchantress (2012). The first book in Scott's series, The Alchemyst, is a contemporary fantasy that begins in San Francisco. Characters Josh and Sophie discover that the owner of the bookstore where Josh works is Nicholas Flamel, the immortal French alchemist. He guards The Book of Abraham, a collection of powerful spells. When the book is stolen, Josh and Sophie help Flamel, but they all become hunted by creatures. In his research for the book, Scott discovered Nicholas Flamel, a real bookseller from the 1300s who spent more than twenty years attempting to translate The Book of Abraham. Scott searched the original myths and legends in creating the mythological characters in the book series. The events in Book One take place in only two days. Book Two and the remainder of the series continues the same storyline, with the characters traveling to new places and experiencing new adventures.

Paragraphs 6 to 12:
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