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5th Grade Writing Worksheets

Writing Worksheets
Free 5th Grade Writing Worksheets:
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5th Grade Writing Worksheets

In fifth grade writing, students are asked to write opinion pieces, narratives, explanatory texts, and understand writing for specific audiences. They should be able to summarize or paraphrase information from texts that they've read, properly use illustrations, and correctly incorporate dialogue into their stories.

In addition, 5th graders must be able to effectively write introductions with supporting details, well-developed ideas, logical reasoning, and conclusions to produce a complete essay.

Fun Writing Exercises that 5th Graders Love to Work On

Homework sounds like a drag, but you'll be surprised to learn that kids actually LOVE working on these writing worksheets! The exercises are designed to keep kids engaged while also helping them to practice the necessary skills they need to produce high-quality writing.

Here's an example:

Imagine you own a pizza parlor, and an unemployed superhero applies for a job as a delivery driver. The superhero has some interesting extra skills that he/she could bring to the business. Write his or her answers to the following questions that you ask during the job interview: "What skills and abilities do you bring to the job that make you the best candidate?" "Who was your previous employer, and why did you leave that job?" "What else should we know before hiring you, and what are your life goals?"

There's even space for students to draw a picture of their superhero job applicant delivering a pizza!

That's just one of a million fun writing prompts you'll find in these 5th-grade writing worksheets. They are easy, no-prep printables that students, parents, and teachers love! Print one today, and see for yourself - kids LOVE working on these!