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Women's History
Kate Thompson

Women's History
Women's History

Kate Thompson
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     challenging words:    shortlist, step-brothers, receptive, anti-nuclear, award-winning, narrative, tolerant, writing, additional, philosophy, currently, numerous, intertwine, agent, imaginative, collection
     content words:    Kate Thompson, United States, Leamington Spa, Rabindranath Tagore, Conor Minogue, North Clare Writers, Ennistymon Library, Kute Skinner, There Is Something, Clare Writers

Kate Thompson
By Jamie Kee

1     Kate Thompson is an award-winning writer of books for both children and adults. Many of her fiction books are set in Ireland, where she currently lives. Thompson's books, especially her children's trilogies, have been widely successful in Ireland as well as other countries such as the United States.
2     Thompson was born in 1956 in Halifax, Yorkshire. She lived in Halifax with her parents and two older siblings until she was eight years old. From there the family moved to Leamington Spa and stayed there for approximately seven years. At the age of fifteen, Thompson's family then moved to Worcester. Both of Thompson's parents were writers. She described them as being "social historians" who were very involved in the peace and anti-nuclear movements that took place during the cold war years.
3     As a child, Thompson loved writing stories. That feeling would remain with her all her life. There were other loves in her life as well. One experience that impacted Thompson when she was young occurred on a holiday in Wales. During this holiday retreat, the family enjoyed some time in the mountains. Thompson spent time walking and thinking, and a great love of mountains grew from the experience. Even now she enjoys exploring the hills near her home.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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