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Judith St. George

Judith St. George
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     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.2

     challenging words:    following, vicinity, suspense, typewriter, historic, genuine, tennis, contemporary, athletics, fondly, ladder, passionate, softball, nonfiction, numerous, reading
     content words:    Author Judith St, Judith St, New Jersey, After St, Smith College, Campus Cat, David St, Longfellow House, George Washington, American Revolution

Judith St. George
By Jamie Kee

1     Author Judith St. George is passionate about history. She writes both historical fiction and nonfiction children's books. Some of her books contain mystery, suspense, and adventure, but all of her books have one thing in common. St. George has a genuine desire to share the excitement of history with her readers.
2     Judith St. George grew up in Westfield, New Jersey. From a young age, she loved to read. Her childhood passions were books and sports. After St. George discovered the local public library, she hopped on her bicycle every Saturday. Luckily her bicycle had a basket because she would fill it up with books. St. George found excitement in books, and she was drawn to historical fiction. She would travel to new locations and enjoy numerous adventures through books. St. George also enjoyed sports such as ice skating, tennis, and softball. She had many positive memories of her elementary years, but her junior high years were quite difficult. At fifteen St. George was sent to boarding school. Those years, unfortunately, were some of her unhappiest.
3     After St. George's high school years, she moved on to Smith College. She fondly remembers her years at Smith studying English under excellent instructors. She submitted work, as well as edited, for the college's magazine, the Campus Cat. She was also involved in school athletics. After four years, St. George graduated from Smith College and moved in with friends. After two years, she married David St. George, and the following year they lived in the Longfellow House, an historic house in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It had been the headquarters for George Washington during the first year of the American Revolution. This experience impacted St. George and heavily influenced her love of history. Because the experience was so moving to her, George Washington later appeared in some of St. George's books.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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