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Physical Therapist

Health Professionals
Health Professionals

Physical Therapist
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     challenging words:    homebound, cardiology, interpersonal, communication, compassion, improve, strengthen, daily, recover, treatment, progress, addition, graduate, refer, national, state
     content words:    Some PTs

Physical Therapist
By Cindy Grigg

1     Physical therapy is the treatment of people of all ages with injured or diseased muscles, arms, or legs. Physical therapists, or PTs as they are often called, treat patients with exercise and massage. PTs do not use medicine to treat patients. Sometimes water or heat therapies are used for treatment as well. Physical therapy helps an injured or sick person move with less pain and stress.
2     PTs are not medical doctors, but doctors often refer patients to physical therapists to help patients recover from injuries or deal with diseases. A PT studies the patient's medical records. Then he or she develops a treatment plan to improve the patient's ability to move the injured limb. PTs work with patients to strengthen damaged or weakened muscles. PTs may teach the patient how to use crutches, wheelchairs, or an artificial limb. Therapists want patients to be able to do as many daily activities as they possibly can. The PT keeps a record of the patient's progress. Treatments are changed according to the patient's needs and rate of progress.
3     Physical therapists must graduate from a physical therapy program at a college or university. A four year baccalaureate degree is required. In addition, a master's degree requires two to two and one-half more years. A doctorate degree requires three years.

Paragraphs 4 to 5:
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Health Professionals
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