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Canadian Theme Unit
The Quebec Separatists

Canadian Theme Unit
Canadian Theme Unit

The Quebec Separatists
Print The Quebec Separatists Reading Comprehension with Sixth Grade Work

Print The Quebec Separatists Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 6 to 7
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   9.25

     challenging words:    contentious, over-bearing, referendum, separatist, heady, agenda, economic, minority, canadians, society, economics, province, generally, committee, accord, heavily
     content words:    If Quebec, Roman Catholic Church, Quiet Revolution, Rene Levesque, Only Quebecers, French Quebecers, Parti Quebecois, Meech Lake, Charlottetown Accords

The Quebec Separatists
By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Canadians are known to be a generally hard-working and quiet people. When one of the provinces wanted to split off, however, that quiet reserve was stirred up. If Quebec decided she wanted to separate from Canada, she was in for a fight.
2     There were several reasons for Quebec's situation. From its original settlement, the Roman Catholic Church had encouraged the people to be farmers. Schools did not encourage business classes. Running businesses were mostly left to the English and Scots who administered Quebec when it was a colony. Later on, their descendents maintained that position.
3     During the Quiet Revolution, Quebec society changed. The French labourers wanted to control their own society. From that grew a new movement for sovereignty.
4     Sovereignty meant that the people of Quebec would control their own economy, government, and culture. The man who led this rush for change was Rene Levesque.

Paragraphs 5 to 15:
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