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Biography of Frederic Chopin


Biography of Frederic Chopin
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     challenging words:    age-he, harmonic, revolutionary, pianos, verge, engagement, respite, relatively, legacy, despite, tuberculosis, subtle, poetry, composer, classical, expression
     content words:    Frederick Chopin, Wojceich Zywny, Wilhelm Wufel, Warsaw Conservatory, Jozef Elsner, Revolutionary Etude, George Sand, Holy Cross

Other Languages
     Spanish: Biografía de Federico Chopin

Biography of Frederic Chopin
By Beth Beutler

1     Frederick Chopin is known as an expert composer for the piano, an instrument he incorporated into all of his pieces. They are challenging pieces for pianists, but they also allow for deeper levels of expression and contain subtle parts that can make the music flow like poetry.
2     Chopin lived a relatively short life, born in 1810 in Poland and passing away of tuberculosis at the age of 39 after battling poor health. Yet, his contributions to classical music live on.
3     Music was part of his life from a very young age-he was even considered a "second Mozart" and had composed two pieces by the time he was seven. He performed for audiences at that age and throughout his life. He studied under Wojceich Zywny for six years, developing a sense of expression and emotion in his music. He later was taught by Wilhelm Wufel. He continued study via attending school at the Warsaw Conservatory which was led by another composer, Jozef Elsner. Elsner hoped that Chopin would create an opera in honor of Poland but never saw this wish fulfilled despite all the works Chopin wrote.

Paragraphs 4 to 8:
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