Angola's War for Independence Day

Angola's War for Independence Day

Reading Comprehension for February 4

When was the last time you had a disagreement with someone? How did it turn out? Being able to resolve conflicts is an important skill in daily life, and people have all kinds of ways to fix problems. For some, talking openly about a problem can fix it. Some conflicts seem unfixable. Have you ever had a disagreement like that? For many people, getting into a fight - or worse yet, a war - is the only way to solve some disputes. Do you agree?

One country that's had more than its fair share of conflict and war is Angola. Angola is a country in southwestern Africa. It's a pretty big country with comparatively few people. Angola's population is made up of very distinct tribal and cultural groups, each with very strong feelings about their country.

In the late 16th century, explorers from Portugal arrived on Angola's coast. What they found were native Angolan tribes who had strong disagreements and frequent battles. The Portuguese took advantage of the situation and forced many Angolans into slavery.

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