Career Day

Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Reading Comprehension for August 31

"Hey, Sam, are you going to the Career Day booths?" Jared shoved his books into his locker and slammed it shut. "I was hoping you'd go to the lawyer booth with me."

"Sure, Jared. Do we get to skip school?"

"Man, you're always looking for a day off! I think this might be good for you. Maybe you'll find a career that you're interested in."

"I'm not like you, Jared. You've wanted to be a lawyer for as long as I've known you. What is it about stuffy suits and judges that intrigues you so much, anyhow?

"I don't even think about the clothes. It's all about working with people to help them through significant issues in their lives. The whole idea of helping to find a solution to a problem-and being able to articulate that solution to others is what appeals the most to me."

"You've got to be kidding!"

"No, really," Jared's face was very serious as he spoke. It was clear to Sam that this was something that Jared was passionate about.

Sam couldn't help himself-he had to rib his friend a little. "Well, Jared, don't you think you're watching too much TV? It can make things look pretty glamorous."

Jared's blue eyes looked directly into Sam's brown eyes as he answered, "Sam, I'm going to love getting up and going to work every day. Can you say the same? From the time I enter law school until the day I retire, I'll be keeping abreast of the ever-changing laws in this country. I will be learning for the rest of my life."

"There's something wrong with you," Sam teased.

The two friends headed for the Career Day booths that were set up on the nearby college campus.

"Sam, isn't there anything that interests you? Do you have any idea at all of what you want to spend the rest of your life doing? Seriously, man, you need to begin thinking about this kind of thing."

"You just worry about getting yourself through law school," Sam grumbled. "Let's go find your booth."

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