Earth Science in Your Life

Earth scientists study the "spheres" of the earth. The crust is the lithosphere. The air is the atmosphere. The water is the hydrosphere. Plants and animals are the biosphere.

The biosphere, including you, depends on these spheres for survival. We live on the crust. We breathe the air. Our bodies need water. But earth science is part of your life in many other ways.

The study of earth science has led to the discovery of many things that you use everyday. Advances in science that make our lives easier are called technology. For example, your grandparents wore heavy wool coats to stay warm in the winter. You can wear a lightweight jacket. You can thank technology for that. Scientists developed this light material that can keep you warm.

Hikers and soldiers depend on freeze-dried foods. These are meals you can add water to and then eat. Scientists learned how to freeze dry foods many years ago. They now come in convenient pouches, ready for use.

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