A single parent opens the door and finds two boxes full of food waiting there. A needy family receives a gift card for clothes and winter coats. A widow is treated to a free oil change for her car every six months. A girl who loves music is awarded a one-year scholarship to attend a special music class. The student who always asks to borrow a pencil receives a package of them from a friend.

The people who provided the food, the gift card, the oil changes, the scholarship, and the pack of pencils demonstrated generosity. Generosity is the opening of one's heart and/or wallet to give to others. Other words for it are unselfishness and benevolence. The opposite of generosity is stinginess or selfishness.

Generous individuals enjoy giving of themselves to help others. One may be generous with time, volunteering to help in places such as soup kitchens or shelters. One may be generous with money, giving to individuals or to charities that help individuals. One does not have to be rich to be generous. Children who save up their coins to give away or who devote time to helping package Christmas gifts for poor children are practicing generosity as well.

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