Halloween Across the U.S.A.

The spirit of Halloween is alive and well across the U.S.A. Although it isn't an official holiday, Halloween still brings out the "ghostlover" in us. While most American cities sponsor activities for the kiddies, a few go all out for this holiday.

What better place to spend a ghostly Halloween night than in Salem, Massachusetts? This is the home of the famous Salem witch trials of 1692. Salem comes alive at Halloween with bewitching stories, eerie evenings, and costume balls. Salem visitors can choose from a variety of spook-tacular activities. One of them includes serving on the jury for the trial of the people versus Bridget Bishop. Will she be found guilty or innocent?

"Cry Witch" is part of the regular fare at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. A Virginia witch faces trial every day as part of the Colonial Evenings program. A candlelight walking tour explores ghosts and legends of colonial days year round.

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