Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse, born August 29, 1952, is an American author who writes literature for children and young adults. Her literary works often contain historical settings. Growing up, Hesse had many dreams. She imagined herself as being an archaeologist, an ambassador, an actor, and an author. Even though she gave up on most of these ideas, she always aspired to be a published writer. Hesse eventually reached this desire, but it took her more than thirty years to do so.

Hesse was born in Baltimore, Maryland. From the age of ten, she considered herself "good with words," and she exhibited a writing talent early on. It was Hesse's fifth grade teacher who supported her, convincing Hesse that she could be a professional writer someday. Her teacher's confidence made an impact on Hesse, giving her the self-confidence she needed.

After high school, Hesse had plans to attend college. She also held many jobs in her life, some prior to college completion and others following it. She worked as a waitress, a nanny, a personnel officer, a librarian, an agricultural laborer, an advertising secretary, a typesetter, a proofreader, a mental-health-care worker, a substitute teacher, and a book reviewer. Hesse decided to attend Towson State College, majoring in theater. After two semesters, she transferred to the University of Maryland. Hesse eventually earned a bachelor's degree with a major in English and a double minor in psychology and anthropology. Prior to completing her studies, she also got married. After graduating from college, Hesse and her husband moved to Brattleboro, Vermont, and eventually had two children.

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