North Pole Adventure

Nautilus Travels under North Pole

Reading Comprehension for August 3

The USS Nautilus was the world's first nuclear submarine. This historic piece of machinery enjoyed a 25-year career. Afterwards, it ended up as an exhibit for tourists. It is currently located in Groton, Connecticut, as part of the Submarine Force Museum.

This famous sub was developed sooner than expected. The engineer who created it was born in Russia, but fortunately for the U.S., he served as a captain in the U.S. Navy. His name was Hyman G. Rickover. President Harry S. Truman got involved ceremonially by laying its keel in 1952. In 1954, President Eisenhower's wife, Mamie, christened the ship with a bottle of champagne. The sub's first day of service using nuclear power was January 17, 1955. It was able to travel faster than any previous sub!

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