The World of Reiki

World of Reiki Day

Reading Comprehension for August 15

When most people are sick or injured, they go to a medical doctor. Some people prefer other types of healing. One of these is Reiki (RAY-kee).

Reiki started in Japan with a man named Mikao Usui. He was born in Japan on August 15, 1865. While growing up, he thirsted for knowledge. As part of his education, he traveled to China and Europe, where he studied medicine, psychology, and religion. After his return to Japan, he became secretary to the man in charge of the health department.

In 1914, Mr. Usui's health was failing. He had already spent a lot of time meditating on Mt. Kurama. He decided that the best way to help himself was to spend more time there in a course of fasting, meditation, and prayer. One of the forms of meditation involved a person standing under a small waterfall. The action of the water hitting the top or crown of the head was thought to stimulate the chakra. (The crown chakra is one of seven energy centers believed to be in the body.)

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