Types of Magma

Magma is soupy mixture of molten rock, minerals, and gases. But not all magma is the same. Different magmas have different characteristics. The way a type of magma behaves depends on what it is made of.

There are three basic types of magma. Each is formed in a different way. Each is found in a different area. The viscosity and temperature of each varies greatly. Their mineral compositions are also very different.

One type of magma is basaltic magma. Basaltic magma has the same composition as the igneous rock, basalt. This type of magma has a low percentage of silica. It is high in iron and magnesium. It has very few gases dissolved in it. It is formed when rocks in the upper mantle melt.

Basaltic magma is hottest of the three types. Its temperature ranges from 1000 to 2000 degrees Celsius. This high temperature affects basaltic magma's viscosity.

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