Mystery May
Mystery of the Diary Entry

Mystery of the Diary Entry
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.47

     challenging words:    homecoming, unlined, semester, practically, heart, pounded, script, mysterious, thoughts, hosting, fairly, raced, shocked, confidence, harm, irresistible

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Mystery of the Diary Entry
By Colleen Messina

1     Eric's heart raced when he saw the open book on Genny's desk. He knew that it would be very wrong for him to read it. A diary was private, but the thought of reading that book was irresistible. What harm could come from reading a few lines? His heart pounded with excitement at the thought.
2     Genny was Scott's younger sister, and since Scott had been Eric's best friend since first grade, Eric had watched Genny change from an awkward, annoying little sister to a stunning blond beauty. Now that Genny was 15 and Eric was 17, their age difference did not seem to matter as much as it used to. Genny laughed at Eric's jokes and seemed to cast sideways glances at him with her pale blue eyes. These looks made Eric wonder. Maybe the diary could tell him about Genny's secret thoughts.
3     At the moment, Eric was waiting in the hallway for Scott to get his baseball mitt from his room. Genny's room was next to Scott's, so it would be easy for Eric to slip in and read the diary since Genny's door was wide open. He thought it was a brilliant plan.
4     Eric's heart was pounding, and he decided to take the chance. He darted into Genny's room and began scanning the open page. The script looked as though it had been written fast and was scattered across the unlined page like coffee beans spilling out of a bag. Genny had written: "I can't wait. He is coming today. We are going to have so much fun!"
5     These words shocked Eric. He was so surprised that Genny thought he was so much fun since she had known him for so long. Maybe, since she seemed to think he was fun, she would consider going to the homecoming dance with him. Eric dashed back into the hall and caught his breath. A moment later, Scott came out of his room.
6     "Hey, Eric, I got my mitt and ball. Let's go," said Scott.
7     The boys were going to a nearby park to play catch, but Eric was distracted. He even missed the ball.
8     "What's wrong with you?" said Scott. Eric was a talented athlete and hadn't missed a catch in a long time.
9     "Nothing. I remembered that I left something back at your house. Can I run and get it?" said Eric.

Paragraphs 10 to 16:
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Mystery May
             Mystery May

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