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Be Kind to Humankind Week

The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book
Print The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book Reading Comprehension with Fifth Grade Work

Print The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book Reading Comprehension with Sixth Grade Work

Print The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book Reading Comprehension

Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.71

     challenging words:    birdsongs, dance-studio, sketchpad, weatherworn, inspiration, writing, confinement, smiley, illustrate, opposite, overcast, flipping, introduction, multiply, lines, subject
     content words:    Sacrifice Our Wants, Needs Sunday, Motorist Consideration Monday, Heart Tuesday, Hand Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, Favors Granted Friday, Speak Kind Words Saturday
The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book

By Brenda B. Covert
1     It wasn't as hot outside as it had been in the past few weeks. Jada and Ashlyn fled from the confinement of the apartment and into the slightly overcast daylight. They sat at a weather-worn picnic table and put their heads together over Jada's notebook.
2     "I'll write the book, and you can draw the pictures to go with it," Jada said, brandishing a pink dance-studio pencil. "But help me get some ideas first!"
3     "Let's change the wording of the theme," Ashlyn suggested, rubbing her sunburned nose. "I think Be Kind to Humankind sounds weird. What if we call it Be Kind to Everybody instead?"
4     "Good idea," Jada said. "That will be the title of our book!" She scribbled the words across the top of her paper. A warm breeze rustled the pages of her notebook, but she held it down with one slender hand that sported orange nails.
5     "Let's say that I draw a picture to go with every page that you write," Ashlyn said, opening her sketchpad and flipping past pages of bird and flower drawings. She quickly drew the outline of an open book as a wide rectangle divided vertically through the middle. "You write on the left page, and I illustrate the subject on the right page." She made squiggly lines in the left side of the divided rectangle, followed by a smiley face on the right side. "Then, if we multiply the number of pages you write by two, we'll know how many pages will be in the book!"
6     Jada understood. If she wrote five pages, Ashlyn would draw five pictures. That would make a ten-page book. The front and back cover would be extra. "If we fold one piece of paper in half by putting the short ends together, we would end up with four possible pages from only one piece of paper," she said.
7     Ashlyn thought it through. "Okay, and if we put two pieces of paper together, that would make eight pages! I guess we need to figure out how many pages our book should have!"
8     "More than ten," Jada promptly replied. "It will seem more important if it has more pages." She tore six blank pages out of her notebook and folded them in half with the shorter ends touching. Then she counted the pages. That's when she saw the problem. "Oh, Ashlyn. Look! The first page won't have an opposite page for both of us to do something. It's just one page!"
9     They decided that Ashlyn could draw a small picture to go on that page over Jada's introduction. They would do the same thing on the last page. Otherwise, each girl would get her own page.

Paragraphs 10 to 24:
For the complete story with questions: click here for printable

Reading Comprehension
     English Reading Comprehension: The "Be Kind to Everybody" Book
     Spanish Reading Comprehension: El libro "Sé amable con todos"

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