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Popcorn Popping Day

The Popcorn Prince
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 4 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.97

     challenging words:    locally, pizza-flavored, starchy, stubble, unpopped, phenomenal, buttery, imaginable, buffet, various, glossy, archaeologists, faithful, diorama, gingerly, fiction
     content words:    Prince Pavlo, Popcorn Prince, Corn Dog, Native American, South America
The Popcorn Prince

By Brenda B. Covert
1     Prince Pavlo of Stance was better known as The Popcorn Prince. Ever since the fluffy, white snack had been introduced to his country, Prince Pavlo had been addicted. He just couldn't get enough popcorn!
2     Pavlo hired farmers to plant the popcorn kernels that he had ordered from Nebraska, USA. He knew that most of the world's popcorn came from Nebraska and Indiana, but he wanted locally grown popcorn to serve at his popcorn feasts. Pavlo often wandered through the popcorn fields with his faithful companion, Corn Dog.
3     "Popcorn is the perfect snack!" Prince Pavlo said, gazing around the vast field. Green popcorn stalks stretched out as far as he could see. He scratched Corn Dog's ears, making the dog's tail wag. "You can eat it plain or salted. You can add butter, sugar, cinnamon, or a caramel glaze. You can feed the birds with it! What's not to love about popcorn?"
4     He thought about all the things he could do with popcorn. Plain popcorn could be used as packing material in boxes. It could fill pillows. It could represent snow in a diorama. It could be strung on a cord to decorate trees. It could be substituted for snow in a shoveling contest if snow wasn't available! It could be served for breakfast with milk poured over it.
5     Thinking about breakfast made Pavlo hungry. He reached into a knapsack and drew out a bag of snack mix. It was a mixture of popcorn, raisins, pretzels, and pecans. He munched and continued his walk. Corn Dog barked at the crows that flew low, looking for something edible.
6     "When the time is right," Pavlo said to Corn Dog, "we're going to have a big party. It will be a popcorn feast fit for a king!"
7     Finally the day arrived. The popcorn had been harvested. The field was reduced to brown stubble. The palace decorators had made thick garlands of popped popcorn and strung it over archways. Popcorn wreaths decorated the doors. Garlands of the stuff outlined the buffet tables, where every flavor imaginable was piled in big, white bowls for the guests. There was even popcorn soup!
8     Prince Pavlo stood beside the buffet, nibbling on some popcorn that had a green apple glaze on it. He was wearing a wreath of popcorn instead of a crown. What a wonderful party!
9     A young woman peered into the various bowls as if she had never seen popcorn before. Her manner of dress told Pavlo that she was from another country. Pavlo watched as she gingerly took one fluffy kernel and slipped it between her lips. Her face registered surprise at the delightful, buttery flavor.

Paragraphs 10 to 24:
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Reading Comprehension
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