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Mikey Bakes a Cake

Mikey Bakes a Cake
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.72

     challenging words:    name, blender, boiling, coffeemaker, doing, microwave, onto, picked, refrigerator, sixteenth, spilled, stirred, tears, toaster, another, anyway
     content words:    Michael Edward Peterson, Mikey Two Eggs

Other Languages
     Spanish: Mikey dos huevos

Mikey Bakes a Cake

1     Mikey is four years old. He has a sister named Beth. Beth was going to have a birthday. She was going to be sixteen years old. Mikey wanted to do something special for Beth. While the rest of the family was decorating the family room for the party, Mikey left the room.
2     Mikey went into the kitchen. He wanted to make Beth a birthday cake! First, Mikey opened the cupboard. He found a box of cake mix. He looked at the pictures on the back of the box. He could read some words. Some were too hard for him. He saw a picture of a bowl, a spoon, milk, and two eggs.
3     Mikey went to the refrigerator. He opened the door. He got out a gallon of milk and some eggs. He put them on the counter by the sink. He got a bowl and a spoon. He put them by the eggs and milk.
4     The counter was too high for Mikey. He got a chair to stand on. He climbed up on the chair. He looked at the box again. The picture showed someone pouring the cake mix in a bowl. He did that. He only got a little bit of the cake mix on the microwave. A little bit went in the toaster, too.
5     The next picture showed someone breaking the eggs into a cup. Mikey got down off the chair. He could not find a cup. He got a glass for the eggs. He climbed back up on the chair.
6     Mikey broke one egg on the counter. The egg came out of the shell onto the counter. Some of it got under the coffeemaker. Some of it went under the blender. Mikey tried again. He hit two eggs together over the glass. One egg broke and fell into the glass! He broke another egg. Most of it went in the glass. Some of it fell on the floor.
7     Mikey climbed down off his chair. He scooped up the egg on the floor in a spoon. He climbed back up on the chair. He put the spoon in the glass. He stirred the eggs all up. There were only two or three small pieces of shell in the glass.
8     Now it was time to put everything together. Mikey poured the eggs into the bowl. He looked at the box. The picture showed two cups of milk. Mikey filled the glass with milk. He poured it into the bowl. He filled the glass again. He poured it into the bowl. He stirred it all up.

Paragraphs 9 to 20:
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