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Mary Lyon
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     challenging words:    hitchcock, liberal, teaching, helping, tuition, pupils, fundraising, fiftieth, successful, refused, education, pioneer, speech, founder, natural, schools
     content words:    Mount Holyoke College, Mary Lyon, Sanderson Academy, Amherst College, Adams Female Academy, Ipswich Female Seminary, South Hadley, Mount Holyoke Seminary, Missionary Offering, Mount Holyoke

Mary Lyon
By Jennifer Kenny

1     Mary Lyon started the first women's college in the U.S. Today it is known as Mount Holyoke College.
2     Mary Lyon was born in Massachusetts, on February 28, 1797. She was one of seven children. Her dad died when Mary was only five years old. Her mother was strong. She kept the farm and family going. Mary was helpful, energetic, and curious. Teachers saw her amazing memory skills. Mary went to school until she was thirteen. Then her mother got married again and moved away. Mary stayed behind to keep house for her brother. She began to teach when she was only seventeen.
3     Mary saved enough money to go to the Sanderson Academy for one term. There she learned math, speech, and grammar. She could not afford any more, but the trustees paid her tuition for another term after noticing how smart she was. At the time, only men could earn degrees from colleges. She was offered many teaching jobs.

Paragraphs 4 to 10:
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