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Women's History
Suzanne Collins

Women's History
Women's History

Suzanne Collins
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A Short Reader

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     content words:    Suzanne Collins, United States, Hunger Games Trilogy, Hunger Games, New York Times, New York University, James Proimos

Suzanne Collins
By Brandi Waters

1     Suzanne Collins is a bestselling author. Her first book was called Gregor the Overlander. It is the first book in a five part series called The Underland Chronicles. It is a modern, urban take on the story of Alice in Wonderland. It received many great reviews, both in the United States and abroad. Her second book series, The Hunger Games Trilogy, became even more popular than the first! The first book in the series rose to number one on the New York Times Best Seller list. It stayed on the list for more than a year! It was placed on many top books lists for 2008. It was even made into a movie! In fact, four movies were made from the three books, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay.
2     Suzanne Collins has had great success as an author. Oddly, it is a job that she had to be talked into trying. Writing has always been in her life, but she has always seen herself as a playwright, someone who writes stories to be acted out on a stage. Suzanne graduated from New York University with a degree in dramatic writing. Soon after graduation, she got a job working as a writer for television shows. .....
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