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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 1 to 2
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.89

     challenging words:    arms, bored, budget, list, lugged, onto, racks, supplies, t-shirts, whoa, afternoon, agree, bottom, boxes, break, brother
     content words:    Michael Manser

Other Languages
     Spanish: De regreso a la escuela

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By Mary Lynn Bushong

1     Macy and Michael Manser stared at the list. It was all the things Mom wanted to get for school. They both needed clothes, plus notebooks, folders, pencils, and crayons. It was going to be a long day of shopping.
2     "Why do we have to get crayons?" whined Macy. "They are for children."
3     "The last time I looked, Macy, that described you," said Mom.
4     They got out of the car and headed into a large store.
5     "Oh, Mom," said Macy. "You know I meant little children."
6     "Well, for now, we are getting crayons. That is what the school asked for."
7     Macy crossed her arms and huffed. She hoped the whole day would not be like this.
8     Michael, her twin brother, ignored her. He was hoping for a couple of new pairs of jeans. Who cared about crayons?
9     The first stop was school supplies. Mom checked the list again. Then she grabbed what seemed like two of everything - rulers, crayons, erasers, and pencil boxes. Then she chose the biggest budget pack of pencils in the store.
10     "Whoa," said Michael, "do you think we'll have enough?"
11     "Let's try not to be smart," said Mom. "You kept losing yours last year, remember?"
12     The twins chose their own notebooks. Macy preferred ones with Disney characters. Michael preferred ones with animals. He found one that had a tiger with an eagle's face. He held it up.
13     "This is so cool, Mom," he said.
14     The bottom of the cart was filling up. It was time to look at clothes.

Paragraphs 15 to 31:
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