A "Giant" Emperor

A "Giant" Emperor

Reading Comprehension for December 2

It was a cold day in France. Many people stood along the streets. They were watching for someone. Carriages were decorated. They were pulled by horses. Important people were inside. The last carriage was pulled by eight horses. It had a capital N on the side. It was gold. This was the man everyone was waiting to see.

He wore gems and gold. His wife was with him. She was dressed in a silk dress. She wore gems. The man was going to be the new emperor.

December 2, 1804, was Coronation Day. A coronation is a service. It is when a king or emperor gets his crown. Napoleon Bonaparte rode through the streets of France. The trip took one hour. He was on his way to Notre Dame. Notre Dame is a famous church. When he and his wife got there, they put on red robes. Napoleon's robe had a capital N on it. It was made of gold. They were there for the coronation service.

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