A Kid's Captain

Jane was five years old. She was allowed to watch one TV show each day. Jane chose a show that her parents liked, too. She watched a man in a red jacket. He had a friend named Mr. Green Jeans. He liked animals. The man told stories. He talked to puppets. Mr. Moose was one of the puppets. Mr. Moose liked to play jokes. He surprised the man by dropping ping pong balls on his head. Jane's favorite show was Captain Kangaroo.

Bob Keeshan is known for his role of Captain Kangaroo. Bob was born on June 27, 1927. He was born in New York. Bob joined the United States Marines. He joined during World War II. Then, he went to Fordham University. It is in New York. Bob liked books. He liked science. He liked music. He wanted to share these things with children.

In the 1950s, Bob was asked to join a TV show. It was a show for children. It was called The Howdy Doody Show. A cowboy was the host. Bob played a clown. The clown's name was Clarabell. He did not talk. He used horns to communicate. One horn meant yes. The other horn meant no. Clarabell often played jokes on the cowboy.

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