A New Puppy

Lacey was so excited! Today her father was taking her to an animal shelter. He was going to help Lacey adopt a puppy. It would be her very first puppy. She just knew that she would find the best dog in the world!

After breakfast, Lacey and her father put on their jackets and walked to the corner. Soon the bus to the shelter came. Lacey and her father got on the bus.

"Good morning," the man driving the bus said. "Where are you going this bright and beautiful day?"

"We're going to the shelter," Lacey answered.

"Why are you going to the shelter, young lady?"

Lacey's eyes sparkled with joy. "I'm going to adopt a puppy. It will be the best puppy in the world!"

The bus driver laughed and said, "He will have the best owner in the world!"

Lacey and her father found a seat and sat down.

All the way to the shelter Lacey talked about the new puppy. "What color will he be? Will it be a girl dog or a boy dog? Will my new puppy like me? What if none of the puppies like me? Will the new puppy be a big puppy or a little puppy?"

Lacey's father answered all the questions the same way. "Just wait and see."

Finally, the bus came to a stop by the shelter, and Lacey and her father got off.

"Good luck!" the driver said.

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